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Can't create a Magento 1 extension profile

Can't create a Magento 1 extension profile

I have created a Magento 1 extension which I am trying to upload to the Magento Connect platform.

I have followed this guide up to the point where it says "Step Two: Create an Extension Profile " on page 12.

The instruction say the following: To create an extension profile page:

  1. Log in to

  2. From the top right of the page, click on My Account to access your account dashboard.

  3. From the left side panel, select Developers to expand its options.
  4. From the expanded Developers panel, click Add New Extension

however, the "Developers" tab does not exist within my admin area on Instead what I see is the below:

can't see a "Developers" tab.can't see a "Developers" tab.

I can't see any "Developers" tab so not sure how to proceed really - any help much appreciated!


Re: Can't create a Magento 1 extension profile

Hi @georgduel,


Those instructions belongs to the old MagentoConnect. Since last firday (09/15) Magento connect has been moved to the Marketplace:


From now on you will have to add your module to the new (well, isn't new anymore) Marketplace. Maybe you can continue here: