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Checkout Difficulites in Chrome

Checkout Difficulites in Chrome

Hello all,


I have a website built on version and I recently tried to install the latest 10266 security patch. After installing the patch I found that the checkout was not acting as expected.


I was able to add a product to cart, view shopping cart, estimate the shipping, update the total and make the purchase via the quick Paypal payment button.


However, If I add to cart, view shopping cart, estimate shipping, update total and then try to make the purchase via the login button, it redirects me to login, I enter my login details... it logs me in but does not redirect anywhere. I remain on the login screen... However the logged in username shows in the top right of the screen.


I can navigate back to the 'View Shopping Cart' but as soon as I try estimate the shipping again it does not provide any results or update the cart.


In response to discovering these problems I reverted to a backup before the update was applied (website files and database) but strangely I am finding I am still having the issue. Which has me extremely confused.


This problem only seems to happen in 'Chrome', I have been able to successfully purchase in both Firefox and Explorer using this method. I have tried using an 'incignito window' and also tried clearing my history/cache but this issue continues in Chrome.


Has anybody experienced this issue? I would be deeply appreciative if anybody can offer any advice as to how I can get the checkout working in chrome.


Thanks in advance Smiley Happy





---- UPDATE ----


I am noticing also that Magento is asking me to login even though the username is showing as logged in already.


login problem.jpg

You can see the login name behind the login pop-up.

Please note I do use a purchased theme, but I have tried disabling this and using RWD but still have these same issues.





Re: Checkout Difficulites in Chrome

Ok, in case anybody ever has this issue... I believe that I may have fixed it.


With advice from another Post (ACheckout's comment) I looked at Chrome's inspector tool / network tab. Thanks to this I discovered errors saying about invalid form keys.


Then this Post showed me how to correct it. (See below)


Going into PhpMyAdmin and navigating to core_config_data I then set my Cookie Path and Cookie Domain information to the following:


Cookie Path: /
Cookie Domain:        (replace with your own URL)


After this I then Reindexed, Cleared the Cache, Deleted the contents of Var/Cache via FTP and also deleted my Chrome browsing history/cookies.


After doing this I have managed to successfully navigate through the checkout in Chrome and it appears to be working correctly.... will be monitoring it closely though.


I know I may have solved my own problem here but I really want to help others since I lost a lot of time to this and if I can help others then that would be great.


Please be cautious with the changes recommended here though, they worked for me, if they can help others then great but always be cautious with any changes to your DB.


Smiley Happy



Re: Checkout Difficulites in Chrome

Here's a list of problems that other people have found with the patch:

There is at least one mention of checkout issues. So that could be related to what you mention. 


It may be that we see another version of the patch that resolves theses.

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