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Using auto generated codes in automated email reminder rules

Using auto generated codes in automated email reminder rules

Hey guys,

I am looking at setting up an email for cart abandonment through magento using the automated email reminder rules and from every piece of documentation I've read online it says

I should be able to use the auto generated unique codes with this.


However when setting up the email reminder rule I can not select any shopping cart promotion rules that use the auto generation feature.


In fact when you set up an auto generated code theres a message under that says it will automatically unassign the code if used in email reminder rules.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 9.29.28 am.png


So is it possible to use unique coupons in cart abandonment emails sent through automated email reminder rules or do I really need to get myself an extension for such a simple task?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you,



Re: Using auto generated codes in automated email reminder rules

I'm not too familiar with this functionality. If we look at the documentation: it's somewhat contradictory to the screenshot you show as it says this:


"The shopping cart rule that is associated with this email reminder. Reminder emails can promote a shopping cart price rule with or without a coupon. If a shopping cart price rule includes an auto-generated coupon, the reminder rule will generate a random, unique coupon code for each customer."


What happens if you create an email and let it untick the auto-generation. Does it definitely then only send a static coupon code? Or do some different options become available in the email reminder section?

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