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Configurable products issue- newby

Configurable products issue- newby

Hello dear community


I am Natalia Castro and I am the owner of an e-commerce in Magento. I am not a developer but I am in need of your kind help since the developer I hired has not been able to give solution of a problem I am having with Configurable Products.


I need to have configurable products basicaly to track inventory for products comming in different sizes and colors. 


The developer already configured the "rules" for these variants. He already configured the different sizes and colors. Anyway, when trying to add a configurable product in the Magento Platform entering by "Catalog"- "Manage Products", and fullfilling all the procedure, the product won´t show in a complete manner in the online webpage (the price, the description, the selection menus, or any text won´t show up). This is shown in one of the attached pictures.


Perhaps you could give me any idea on what is going on with this issue. Thanks in advance!!!920ff570-accf-48a5-9c9b-0814e717f121.jpgIssue.PNG






Re: Configurable products issue- newby

Hi @natalia_castro


As you mention that the configurable product is creating but only the issue is its not showing on frontend , so there might be chance of indexing issue !


Kindly run below command in sequence and then check 



php bin/magento indexer:reindex
php bin/magento cache:clean
php bin/magento cache:flush


Hope it helps 


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Re: Configurable products issue- newby

Dear ManthanDave. Thank you for your reply!


Anyway we tried this and it still won´t work. We did it with another sequence since we have Magento 1.9.  Could it be a conflict of the initial set up of product attributes? We are afraid we need to reconfigure the attributes and need to erase all the current products. Smiley Sad

Re: Configurable products issue- newby

The issue is regarding your Configurable product id with 230 is Disabled.

When Product status is Disable at that time product is not display in storefront page.


You need to Enable configurable product from admin panel and save the product. Clear Cache from system -> cache management.

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