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Error: Magento 1 and Stripe

Error: Magento 1 and Stripe



Has anyone encountered a problem with the Stripe extension?


Magento and Stripe are connected OK, confirmed also by Stripe support. For some reason, however, an error occurs when a customer wants to pay by card at checkout.


Error code: "payment_intent_unexpected_state"


This is the message:
You cannot confirm this PaymentIntent because it's missing a payment method. You can either update the PaymentIntent with a payment method and then confirm it again, or confirm it again directly with a payment method.


It seems that Magento is sending information incorrectly to Stripe and therefore the payment cannot be completed. Maybe is the PaymenIntent created to receive this payment incompatible for some reason with the payment they are trying to make.


I have no more ideas on what to check to make payments with payment cards to work.


Magento ver.

Stripe Magento 1 extension