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Error While Uploading Downloadable Products


Re: Error While Uploading Downloadable Products

Anyone, who can help me

Re: Error While Uploading Downloadable Products

Currently I am working on localhost. I got something new, I tried to upload another file and I got the success in it. I got to know about the file size getting issue with the files which are bit heavy. Whn I try to upload files like 8 MB and above is gives me "SSL Error: Invalid or self-signed certificate" error. What should I do now...?


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Re: Error While Uploading Downloadable Products

Problem Solved. I got the solution in php.ini file, just increased the size pf "post_max_size".


Thanks to all for your support.

Re: Error While Uploading Downloadable Products

Here an example of colum setting you must ot use to import product into Magento.




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