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Existing currency layout changed automatically

Existing currency layout changed automatically

Hi, I am no good at programming Magento. I need help.

OMG I am so frustrated with Magento (or maybe the people who built it).

I have 2 sites on a VPS Server. One V and number Two V

The Number Two one is the issue at the moment. I have changed nothing over the past months and all of a sudden I go to the site and the currency has moved location. It was $29.99 (for Australia). Now it shows as 29,99 AU$ in a European format for the numbers and the $ symbol (with AU) at the end.

I have searched everywhere and all solutions talk about "navigate to /lib/Zend/Locale/Data folder" and locate code

<pattern>¤ #,##0.00</pattern>

I did that and it is in the correct positions.

I am lost. Have I been hacked? I have tried to search to see when files were changed and they haven't for months.

Please help!!


Re: Existing currency layout changed automatically

Do you have other currencies enabled? Is the same problem exhibited if you clear cache?

The comma suggests that it's swapped to using a european format somehow. No, I don't think you've been hacked. 

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Re: Existing currency layout changed automatically

Apologies for the delay in my reply. I only have one currency chosen and the very strange thing is that the incorrect layout only shows on one of the 3 pc's I use. It runs Win 8.1 IE11 and has the issue. If I view the same site on the same pc on Google Chrome, no issues. If I view on pc #2 i.e. Win 10 IE11 no issues, pc #3 WIn 10 IE11, no issues. If I view on mobile iPhone 7, no issues. I gave up on trying to fix it.

Thanks for your help. I have another issue now I will post under a new title.