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Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone

Hello I am a new user to magento and got this message  : Important: New Magento Security Patch - Install it Now
It is important for you to download and install a new security patch (SUPEE-5994) from the Magento Community Edition download page ( Please apply this critical update immediately to help protect your site from exposure to multiple security vulnerabilities impacting all versions of the Magento Community Edition software. Please note that this patch should be installed in addition to the recent Shoplift patch (SUPEE-5344). 


I have tried to install the way described, But I am struggling to be honest, Can anyone just tell me the direct path via my FTP server and what I would have to rename the file. ( If this is required ) .


I hope I have put this clear and precise, I am no developer, so please dont give me technical jargon or you will just confuse me.

Thank you in advance for your help.