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Import and Export sorting

Import and Export sorting

With the import sheet that is generated with magento are you able to re-organised the sheet to fit your needs or has it got to remain in the imported order for database issues? 


The reason i ask is that i have to export products and then go into the sheet and pick out things i need to put back into the import sheet so when i export i will for example select [Name / Price / Size / Color] so would i then be able to move these attributes next to each other on the import sheet or would it not upload correctly due to them being out of place?


Re: Import and Export sorting



Magento import tool is very strict to structure of the file. Columns can be sorted in any position, however, you have to stick to the list of required for import columns (their headings have to be the same as database names) and values in them.

Here is the article enumerating mandatory fields and details within them -


Moreover, sometimes even negatively exported file does not suit to import it back. Editing the file you have to make sure that it is re-saved with UTF-8 without BOM encoding.

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