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Magento Connect to close on September 15

Magento Connect to close on September 15

Why anyone drop us an email to inform about this decision and consequences? As I understood from the post Magento made public end of May, Magento 1 will be supported. How is that? Deleting a treasure of thousand of extensions which were solutions and inspirations for many of us?


I would like to know for Magento Team:


1) How this will affect Magento Downloader. 


2) There are a lot of extensions which points to Magento Connect, are they have to change the route?


3) What will happen with the extensions there are already in Magento Connect? If you expect the developers migrating their extensions to the new Marketplace in 15 days it is a joke. Those who will not do that because lack of information or time, will lost their listed extensions?


If you plan really to delete all extensions, I would like to get all of them, those who are free.


Re: Magento Connect to close on September 15

Hi, I can't answer on behalf on Magento but I can add my thoughts. 


This has been coming for a long time and the extension vendors were given a lot of notice (many months) that they should migrate their extensions to the new marketplace. That being said, many won't be migrated either through vendor inaction or through them taking the opportunity to no longer be listed. The downside of this from the consumer point of view obviously is that there is going to be a reduction in the number of extensions available.


I'm not entirely sure how this will affect the Magento downloader and whether they'll continue to support upgrades through Pear. I doubt this will last for very long as vendors won't be upload new versions. I think instead, the extensions will need to be purchased again on the marketplace and downloaded and upgraded manually.  (Obviously, this is really only applicable for free extensions as commercial extensions were never available through the downloader). 



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Re: Magento Connect to close on September 15

Please check this out as a conclusion:


Magento 1 extensions managed in one place on Magento website came to an end. Marketplace is far away from being called a source of inspiration for Magento 1 users.