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Main banner and product images not showing on magento frontend...

Main banner and product images not showing on magento frontend...

I have recently moved my client site to a new hosting and using magento in it.

For cache using a full page cache and maxcdn as well. As the site was moved to a new hosting full page cache ask me to setup a cron job which I did via cpanel.

Now my client site main home page banners and all product images are gone...

Help needed.


Re: Main banner and product images not showing on magento frontend...

Hello TMDesignz,


The following are the reasons that might cause the issue to occur. You can try the following methods to fix the "Main banner and product images not showing on magento frontend":


Wrong Permissions to Media Folder:

  • Firstly, ensure you have writable permissions on this folder. 
  • Next, revise its permissions to 777.
  • Now, you can modify permission via the below command.
chmod -R 777 media/
  • Lastly, execute it in the Magento directory.


Theme-Related Issue:

  • Use f12 for the browser developer console.
  • It can also occur due to a theme issue.
  • You should enable the Luma theme and check. If working, then it might be your theme issue. If the issue persists, then:
  • Try to disable all custom modules of the Luma theme


 Media Folder Owned by Another User:


It can occur if you transfer your Magento store from one server to another. You can fix the issue by changing the ownership of the media folder.

  • You should change the ownership of the /media/ folder.
  • You must execute the below code,
chown -R {username}:{username} media/
  • Ensure that the folder owner is the same user as your web server user before changing the ownership.


Low PHP Memory Limit:


Due to the low php memory limit, Magento 2 cannot resize your images and will not display images on the user end. Thus, Increasing the PHP memory limit can fix the issue,


  • Firstly, open the .htaccess file and locate the following string:
php_value memory_limit 256M
  • Next, ensure that the value is at least 256M or better, 512M
  • Lastly, save the .htaccess file if edited the string value.


If the issue persists, you can try the below steps to show the banner and product images on the frontend.


  • you must open your Magento backend > Catalog > Attributes > Manage attributes
  • Next, locate the image, small_image & thumbnail attributes.
  • Then, ensure all the attributes have scope = Global.
  • Lastly, flush all cache in the Admin via the below command,
bin/magento cache:clean

I hope the above fixes help you to resolve the issue and that your Main banner and product images start showing on the frontend.


Rex M


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