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Missing Transactions in google analytics

Missing Transactions in google analytics



I don't have any transactions in google analytics. All transactions are missing. I don't know why google analytics don't track transactions.


Please can you help me find solution for this problem?


Thank you very much!


Kind regards,
Ján Pan


Re: Missing Transactions in google analytics

Missing transactions could be for a number of reasons -:


  • The user who has made the transaction had his or her JavaScript or cookies turned off
  • The user has left the page before the transaction has had chance to send to Google Analytics
  • There might be a JavaScript issue on the order confirmation page
  • Your payment gateway provider has their own order confirmation page so customer never come back to Magento order confirmation page.
  • Order confirmation page doesn't get loaded with certain payment methods.

There could be a problem with the extension you are using, you might want to give it a go at the following module which comes with the log which allows you to track all your transactions


For Magento 2


For Magento 1


If you are using Magento 2 the following extension ensures 100% order sychronisation between Magento and GA