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Multiple Store Setup with Subdirectory

Multiple Store Setup with Subdirectory

Hi All, 


I am struggling to make this work....

I googled long and hard and I can't get it to work. 



Main Store:


Subdirectory Goal:


My goal of this setup is to configure products for multiple stores based on their subdirectory - or doctor


I've setup multiple root directories and stores via backend. 


Now the front end is the issue.... 


I tried google and I keep getting mage.php cannot be found. 


Do I have to change index.php and stuff for this to work or is there an easier way for me to get this to work? 




Re: Multiple Store Setup with Subdirectory

Please close. I figured this out without having to change much! Smiley Happy


I just turned on System > Configuration > Web > Url Options > Add Store Code to Urls".

Re: Multiple Store Setup with Subdirectory


Could you please share your solution with details?

I'm new to Magento 


Thank you

Re: Multiple Store Setup with Subdirectory

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Re: Multiple Store Setup with Subdirectory

There is no workaround and there never will be due to the basic design of the opencart multi-store you CANNOT use folders for the stores. It simply won't work. You either have to use subdomains/domains and the opencart multi-store or use subfolders and multiple installs.