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Multiple Stores _ Indexing & Caching Issue

Multiple Stores _ Indexing & Caching Issue



I have created the multiple stores for Main is UK and further created FR, DE, PT, etc.

Implemented the REL Tag, XML Sitemap Robots, webmaster, google analytics, etc. 


Changed the Language for FR, etc. but still by website is not getting indexed fully in case of FR, DE, PT, etc. Only one domain is indexed my base website i.e. UK.


The website contains 1300+ URLs in case of UK all are indexed but in case of FR, DE, PT, its only 230. 


Please share your views.






Re: Multiple Stores _ Indexing & Caching Issue

There are several potential reasons why your websites in languages other than UK (i.e. FR, DE, PT) are not getting indexed fully:

  1. Content duplication: If your websites in different languages have identical content, it could be interpreted as duplicate content by search engines. This can result in lower rankings and fewer pages being indexed. To avoid this, ensure that each language-specific website has unique content.

  2. XML sitemap: Check that the XML sitemap for each language-specific website is correctly set up and submitted to search engines. If the XML sitemap is missing pages, search engines may not be able to crawl and index those pages.

  3. Language targeting: Make sure that the language targeting is set up correctly for each website in Google Search Console. This will help search engines understand which language-specific website to serve for queries in each language.

  4. Caching: If your websites in different languages share the same cache, this could lead to indexing issues. Make sure that each website has its own cache to ensure that search engines can crawl and index all pages.

  5. Indexing settings: Check the indexing settings in Magento for each language-specific website. Make sure that indexing is enabled for all pages and that the settings are configured correctly for each store view.

  6. Robots.txt: Make sure that your robots.txt file is not blocking search engines from indexing pages on your language-specific websites.

I hope these suggestions help you resolve the indexing issue.