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New to Magento, help

New to Magento, help

Hello everyone,


I am working for a company that has had a website for a while and thought it was outdated and was completely lacking thoughout all of its aspects, my boss paid a company to build and maintain the website which they haven't, that's where I come in. I am a college student who has been studying Web Development and this company have hired me to create their website, I am new to Magento but feel I'm getting the hang of it rather quickly.


The company that my boss has paid is hosting the website but don't do anything on it, I have been doing it for them using the admin panel ( I have encountered a few problems here and there and have looked up solutions on the internet where all the places I have looked have been using something that looks completely different (layout wise) and a few of them have told me to change and add things via the root directory. I have no idea where to access this and I am also curious if I can get the software that I've seen other people use other than use this browser version.


If anyone could help I would be very appreciative


Thank you,



Re: New to Magento, help

Your student projects must be very cool once you where hired by a company to create company's website.