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Paypal “Suspected Fraud” Status goes by default

Paypal “Suspected Fraud” Status goes by default

I have upgraded the Magento with Latest version of After upgrade, I am facing an strange issue that if any order placed through PayPal its shows "Suspected Fraud" as default status. The comment is showing "Order is suspended as its authorizing amount A$100.00 is suspected to be fraudulent. Transaction ID: "AxxxXXXXXXX0x1x0"."


Also, I am using Multi currencies(INR, USD, AED, CAD, AUD, GBP, EUR) whereas I have set the Base Currency as INR. I guess there is some conflicts between Base Currency and Order Currency.


FYI, I am using 3rd Party extension MageCoders Paypal Multicurrency for Paypal orders.


Thanks in advance


Re: Paypal “Suspected Fraud” Status goes by default

I'd recommend talking to MageCoders about this one or removing the extension. I know that one way for orders to be marked as suspected fraud reliably is if there is a mismatch in totals and amounts that are sent to PayPal so it could be a bug in the integration. 

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