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Update Product/Onepage Checkout Stuck

Update Product/Onepage Checkout Stuck

Since today i am experiencing a very strangle problem. Without changing anything, i can't update products (stuck on Please Wait...), onepage checkout is stuck in step 2 (billing) and everything in the admin panel is displayed in bigger font. Log files do not display anything and also no errors in console.



Any ideas what might be the problem?


Re: Update Product/Onepage Checkout Stuck

Hi, could you use the developer tools within your browser to debug the requests that are failing. Are you able to see what kind of error those ajax requests are hitting? That might give some insight into why that's happening. It could be that you have one or multiple issues that are causing those ajax requests to fail. 


For the CSS, I would again use the developer tools to see why the font is displaying large. You can use the Network tool to view all requests and see if all requests for CSS files succeeded. 

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