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RECAPTCHA broken, settings gone

RECAPTCHA broken, settings gone



Hope everybody is ok!


So I came in to the office after the weekend to a few emails from people who are unable to register on our website. The recaptcha has broken somehow and is saying "Error for site owner: Invalid Key type"


So I've gone to check the key out in the settings and the recaptcha settings under Advanced>Admin have disappeared!


Did they move the recaptcha settings somewhere else in an update? we're on Magento


Re: RECAPTCHA broken, settings gone

@elite_colours you can find the setting for enabling captcha on admin at Advanced->Admin->Captcha


For frontend you can find it at Customer->Customer Configuration->Captcha

But if you are getting error for key then you must be using some extension for this because default magento captcha doesn't require any key.


Let me know if you stuck anywhere.