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Some spammy links on product page

Some spammy links on product page

Hey, all champ & SEO ANALYST,


I want to ask a question that my all keyword is plummeting, although I have updated my content and making quality links. But there are some spammy links on particular pages that hindering to rank these keywords. You can just visit this store Boden and can check the on-page & off-page. Should I start to disavow all product page backlinks that are spammy or not? Will this affect to regain of my rank. Plz audit this store and likewise others as well. and give me suggestions.


Re: Some spammy links on product page

Hi there,


I quickly ran an SEO audit of your store @ using SEOptimer. According to the SEO audit, you need to improve your Core Web Vitals stats. Since Google has added Core Web Vitals as a major part of their page experience score, this could be the reason why you're seeing a decrease in traffic and rankings.


But yeah, you could also start disavowing all those spammy backlinks to your product pages. 

Re: Some spammy links on product page

After running a Poor backlink analysis through Ecommerce SEO Tools. I have found 100+  spammy backlinks. You can also check it and easily download it.

Screenshot -

Yes, it is recommended that you disavow any spammy links on your product pages. Spam links can have a negative impact on your search engine rankings and can result in a penalty from Google. Disavowing the links will help protect your website from any penalties and will also help it remain compliant with Google's guidelines.