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Wordpress & Store Sitemaps?

Wordpress & Store Sitemaps?

Hi there, 


So, I am trying to set up a sitemap for our Magento store for the first time, but it's causing some issues with our Wordpress integration.


I was able to generate a Magento sitemap the old fashioned way, but the Wordpress URLs all have /store/ in them. I'm hesitant to submit it to Google as all of our non-store pages should just be their URL off the root.

This URL is in the sitemap:

But it should be this:


Is there a way to generate 2 sitemaps and remove the /store/ urls from the blog?


*I also need to fix the content URL duplication, but that's another issue.

In fact, all of our URLs have both a /store/ and an root landing page.


Thanks for your help in advance!



Re: Wordpress & Store Sitemaps?

  • Exclude WordPress URLs: Look for settings in your Magento sitemap generator to exclude URLs containing "/store/". This should exclude all WordPress pages from the Magento-generated sitemap.
  • Focus on Product and Category Pages: If you're using Magento for e-commerce, prioritize product and category pages in your Magento sitemap.

Utilize a Magento-WordPress Integration Plugin:

  • Consider FishPig Integration: This popular plugin provides advanced integration between Magento and WordPress, including sitemap management. It can automatically handle URL prefixes and generate a unified sitemap.
  • Research alternatives: Explore other Magento-WordPress integration plugins that offer sitemap functionalities and choose the one that best suits your needs.