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Page Builder Mobile Options

Page Builder Mobile Options

I've built out image links with Page Builder into columns that are 4 across on desktop (using drag-and-drop, no coding). But when viewed in mobile the image links are displayed in a single column. Is there any way to make rows display as 4 column on desktop and 2 column on mobile? Thanks. v2.3.5


Re: Page Builder Mobile Options

Thank you for this. I'm not a coder so I was hoping for a solution that was within the WYSIWYG framework (the drag-and-drop columns and rows blocks). Is it possible to have the 4 column wide on desktop and 2 column wide on mobile with WYSIWYG?


If I need to go the coding route how would I create a desktop view of 4 columns and 2 rows and a mobile view of 2 columns 4 rows? Thanks again.