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Show product elements on page

Show product elements on page


I just registered on the forum. A cordial greeting to everyone.


I don't know much about Magento1, I'm just exploring it. But I have a client who has not been able to do something in his online store. I hope you can help me.


On products page, he want to display the weight of the product. I can't find where the option to show it is, I don't know if I have all the permissions or if something is missing. You can see the example on this page:


The product has the price, the title and the photo, but not the weight. Is it possible to show it?


On the next page, we can see the individual product, but we cannot see the weight or price. How can I display both on this page? 


I have seen some guides, but I only see how to configure it in the administrator, but not how to show it on the product page.


In advance or thank you for your comments.