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Issue with the Browse files button

Issue with the Browse files button


I have a Magento website upgraded from to CE and there is an issue with the file uploads after the upgrade. In CMS page or CMS block if I try to upload an image or file that does not work.When I click the browse files button nothing happens. I checked for the .swf files in media, removing or adding those files seems to have no effect.Other websites I have works fine. So I don't think this will be an issue regarding the flash player in the browser.I also tried to upgrade the website to CE and the issue still exists.I do see this error in the console "id_e229fd1af6dff76447118a470c5e0489_UploaderJsObject is not defined".Does anyone know the solution for this issue?



Re: Issue with the Browse files button

Try this 

middle developer

Re: Issue with the Browse files button

Hello @jiwata242253b3 ,

This is a common issue with Magento 1.x

Magento image uploading issue is related to flash. You need to change the settings of your browser. If you are using chrome,

  1. Go chrome settings, or by typing chrome://settings/content
  2. Go to Content settings => flash
  3. Turn on Allow site to run flash
  4. Turn off ask first

Ensure that the skin/adminhtml/default/default/media  the folder exists and that there are 3 files within it.

  • flex.swf
  • uploader.swf
  • uploaderSingle.swf