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Magento to 1.9

Re: Magento to 1.9

@chiefair Hi pal i have took it to but still the orders have not been migrated ?


So does this mean magento has a bug where previous old magento version orders are not kept in the new one ?



Re: Magento to 1.9

Ouch, something's not working. Magento is a lesson in the pathways of pain.


I'm not sure where to begin on this and hope someone with experience doing this upgrade will kick in with their experience.


Too much of this information disappeared when the Magento Forums were closed to adding comments and then the old content completely wiped out in the upgrade. I know we had 1.3 to 1.4 upgrade issues, lots of them and the answers were inconveniently wiped out.


See if the following is of any help =>


The original question that links to it has a comment that the person asking it ended up using the previous to get a successful upgrade.

Re: Magento to 1.9

@chiefair I fully feel the pain now:


I have come across the second link before. The first one I have just been through and shall take on board.


I am seem to be getting the error of :

This webpage has a redirect loop


I have as by suggestions online, deleted var/cache and var/session yet this error is still there. it's happened during installation. Also, ensured all permissions are set correctly. 


Would you happen to provide guidance as to why this is happening ?

Re: Magento to 1.9

To upgrade magento from low version (1.3, 1.4, 1.5) to higher version of magento, I think that you should not choose upgrade manually. These versions have many gaps. It hides data conflict during data upgrade process. I suggest magento upgrade guide, especially if you use CE.