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Magento - check for updates does not work

Magento - check for updates does not work

My problem is from downloader, when I click "Check for update", I have no updates found, the 'Available' column is empty !


I tried to select one community extension and click 'reinstall' and I got 'unknown cipher list' error.


I modified 

downloader / lib / Mage / HTTP / Client / Curl.php

as follows


// Removed 

// $this->curlOption(CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, false);
// $this->curlOption(CURLOPT_SSL_CIPHER_LIST, 'TLSv1');

// Added
$this->curlOption(CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, true); $this->curlOption(CURLOPT_SSLVERSION, 1);

This was suggestes on some Stackoverflow's answers


But now "check for updates" still doesn't work and reinstall give me a different error


Checking dependencies of packages

CONNECT ERROR: Package community/Aoe_Scheduler failed: TCP connection reset by peer


This time I didn't found a solution. 


How can I make downloader works?


Please note:

  • I am on shared host (Italian Aruba Business service), so no shell access
  • I am still using this magento installation on http because for unknown reasons https make the site not working in some customized portions