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Moving from Shopify to Magento 1.x

Moving from Shopify to Magento 1.x

My store is scaling up quick and seems as though Shopify isn't sufficient for it. The stacking time is excessively long and there are a few laggings as well. I've found it and it appears as though Magento is acclaimed for its ground-breaking capacity to manage huge ventures. So I'm intending to go with it. Since I'm not even close to a well informed, I'm considering utilizing Lit Extension's computerized relocation device. mcdvoice I've perused that it's anything but difficult to utilize and the cost is a lot of moderate than recruiting a consultant. Have any of you attempt Lit Extension's apparatus previously? Is acceptable? What amount will it cost for one-time relocation like this? In addition, I additionally need a few audits about Magento as well. I have to move my store before December so truly searching for some assistance at this moment.


Re: Moving from Shopify to Magento 1.x

You already found something??? Write/google me