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upgrade from magento 1.5

upgrade from magento 1.5

hey there..
I'm new here.
I'm trying to Upgrade from a 1.5 Magento. But after searching for doc articles and so on.. I didn't find anything helpfully, maybe someone can help me?

Re: upgrade from magento 1.5

Hello @wiwil862117822 


What you are looking to upgrade from Magento 1.5 to which version?


If you are looking to upgrade 1.5 to latest magento version 2.4 then there will be a lot issue you will get it as Magento 1.5 very old version. Or you can try once let us know if you will face any issue. 

Manish Mittal

Re: upgrade from magento 1.5

Hi @wiwil862117822 
I will suggest to go-ahead with incremental upgrade.

First move vr 1.5  to vr 1.9.x suitable 

Further if everything goes well its easy 
In case you need help let me know