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Promos did not work correct after Update

Promos did not work correct after Update



We recently updated our Magento Shop from to 

Since then we experience problems with Promo Pricing.

Some Users are Member of a Group. Members of this Group get for specific products a 66% discount using Catalog Price Rule. It works fine on, the User that is Member of this group see the price in the catalog and in the shopping cart. 

In we notice now following scenarios:

- A user see the discounted price in the Catalog, but when the user adds it to the shopping cart he sees the higher price and in the case, the user finalizes the order, the higher price will be charged. 

- When I choose one of the products in the Backend in the catalog, Load it and save it (without any changes), it works correctly for one user for this product, but not for other users and other products that should be discounted.

- As well I have cases, where the user sees the higher price in the catalog or search, but in the shopping cart is the higher price. 

I try re-index after the update and try empty all caches, the problem persists.

I did not have an idea, what can cause the problem. Any hints?  Or is this even a known bug of Magento ?