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Update to Customer IP not showing

Update to Customer IP not showing



After updating to the latest version of magento and when accessing to Customers > Online Customers the IP address isn't available.


I've tried the solution from other post that advises to go to System -> Configuration -> Advanced -> System -> Log.

Then set "Enable Log" to "yes" instead of "Visitors only".


This actually solved the problem with the last URL but the IP is still missing. I was checking the table log_visitor_info, the table exists and the columns server_addr and remote_addr seamed ok. By the way this tables are of type bigint(20) is that correct?


Please help me here.




Re: Update to Customer IP not showing

Hi @ricarraf


Please visit this link No IP and last URL on Online Customers after 1.9.2 update on forum it may help you.

Problem Solved Click Accept as Solution!:Magento Community India Forum

Re: Update to Customer IP not showing

Hello @Mukesh Tiwari


Thanks for your reply. Like I said I have already tried that solution, but it only solved the url part. The IP is still missing.


Is there any other solution?

Re: Update to Customer IP not showing


Anyone from the magento team could give me a hint here? It is not a big problem but is very annoying, since I use this feature quite frequently.


I guess the problem is related with the table, perhaps the data type of the columns where the addresses are store is wrong. Can anyone confirm the correct data type and which format have the addresses?


Thank you so much.



Re: Update to Customer IP not showing

New update on this... Magento now uses the function inet_ntop() to convert the address and the database now expects a varchar field, before it was a bigint field translated by the function long2ip(). I believe that the problem is with the function that populates the table log_client_online. Anyone could help me find the function that populate this table? Which means, the function that gets the new customer and gets its information (ip address). Thank you.

Re: Update to Customer IP not showing

Hi ricarraf


Did you ever seem to find a working solution to this problem?

I have been having the same issue as you had back when this thread was made, and i cant seem to find a fix anywhere.