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upgrading to latest 1.9.x from

upgrading to latest 1.9.x from


I've just installed the following 3 patches to take a customer to the latest version of 1.9 (couldn't upgrade to 2.x as the theme in use isn't supported and they don't want a new theme). They are currently on



This was done from the command line, and all 3 reported successfully installed

However, when I checked the site, it was broken (no theme applied) and when I checked in admin, the version number showed 2.x - which explains the broken theme, and it didn't seem to be reading the database correctly (no products or sales figures)


Can anyone advise please?


Thanks & Regards




Re: upgrading to latest 1.9.x from

I think you should install latest 1.9 to another hosting (fresh site) then transfer all data from to new site.


If you need any support, please pm me, so I could to help you