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2.3.5 issue

2.3.5 issue

Trying to complete my 2.3.5 site and need to add my configuration. I see no place to accept credit cards under the "Payment Methods". We are setup with and also use it on our 1.9 site. However on 2.3.5 it is "Deprecated". How else can we utilize and configure it. After all this has no way of being able to accept credit cards


Re: 2.3.5 issue

Magento has been deprecating most payment methods from the core. See


Moving forward, you will have to install extensions for payment methods like Here's the official extension:


There are other extensions that you might consider, such as the CIM extension from Paradox Labs, which supports saved (tokenized) credit cards, and is already approved for Magento 2.4 according to the Magento Marketplace:


However, while many payment methods were deprecated in 2.3.x, most were not removed until the more recent release of 2.4. I believe that you should still be able to configure in 2.3.5, but it's not recommended. See:


Best of luck!





Re: 2.3.5 issue

Besides, may be looking at other credit card processors that does not use Auth.Net, What is the best option to setup excepting credit cards on your site. If there are no options on the backend to do so, afterall 99% of Magento sellers offer credit card at checkout. There must be an option to setup credit card payments on the backend

Re: 2.3.5 issue

In Magento 2.4.0, the solution that Magento provides with its core is Braintree:


If you're still on 2.3.5, there should still be other options available in your instance of Magento, like


Beyond that, Magento is recommending that users select payment gateway extensions from the Magento Marketplace. 


By having fewer extensions pre-installed with Magento's core, they're keeping the core leaner, and cutting down on responsibilities for releasing updates related to these payment gateways. You can, instead, get the latest version of your favorite gateway from the Magento Marketplace.


Your payment gateway will usually relate to your merchant services provider. In other words, is not typically the company that handles your credit card processing, they're just the gateway that securely manages the credit card information. Often, your merchant services provider will recommend a gateway.


If you'd like recommendations of processors, I know a few. Depending on the volume/$ of credit cards that you process, the countries that you service, etc. it would be pretty easy to make recommendations. This may not be info that you'd choose to post publicly, but you could always direct message me through these forums.