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2.4.2 p1 B2B + B2C multi-site

2.4.2 p1 B2B + B2C multi-site

Hi there,

I have an existing B2C store running on Magento 2.4.2 p1. I want to add a new B2B website using the same backend.

I have setup the new website,, store and store views correctly along with server settings so I can access the stores from the front end.

We have an existing products in the B2C store. I want a different public catalog for the new B2B shop. After enabling the B2B features for the B2B shop I am given the option to create a new public shared catalog, but if I do that it overwrites the existing B2C catalog and any changes made affect both the existing B2C site and the new B2B. It seems I am only able to have one public shared catalog.

How can I show different products in two different websites for non-logged in users? 


I have working shared catalogs for B2B groups fine.but it's the non-logged in users I want to customise what products they see.




Re: 2.4.2 p1 B2B + B2C multi-site

Hello @mneuschulz 


By default, Magento 2 supports a single shared catalog per installation. However, you can create multiple shared catalogs by using a third-party extension, such as the Magento 2 Multiple Shared Catalogs extension.


Once you have installed the extension, you can create a new shared catalog specifically for the B2B website and assign the necessary products to it. This way, the B2C shared catalog will remain unaffected.


Alternatively, you can use Magento 2's built-in website and store view hierarchy to manage different product sets for different websites. You can create a new website for your B2B store and assign a different set of products to that website. Then, configure the necessary server settings so that users can access both stores from the front-end.


To configure the product sets for the different websites, go to Products > Catalog in the Magento admin panel, select the product you want to assign to a specific website, and then select the Websites tab. From there, you can select the website(s) where the product should be visible.


Make sure that the products assigned to the B2B website are not included in the B2C store's shared catalog. This way, non-logged-in users will see only the products assigned to the B2C store and not the ones assigned to the B2B store.

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Re: 2.4.2 p1 B2B + B2C multi-site

To show different products in two different websites for non-logged-in users, you might consider leveraging the power of online marketplace development services. These services can help you customize the user experience and display specific products based on the user's website or user group.

By working with a skilled development team... you can implement a solution that allows you to have separate public catalogs for your B2B and B2C sites without affecting each other. They can help you with advanced catalog management, personalized product displays, and ensure a seamless experience for your customers.

Don't hesitate to reach out to an online marketplace development services provider to discuss your specific requirements. They'll be able to guide you through the process and find the best solution for your business needs.

Re: 2.4.2 p1 B2B + B2C multi-site

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