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Adobe product- Magento Improvement Idea

Adobe product- Magento Improvement Idea

Hi Adobe, 

Greetings of the day! I was thinking to write to you regarding your product i.e. Magento - e-commerce solutions. 
In Magento, there is one part i.e. called Magento Cache clearing and reindexing.
I think as a technology company, Where everyone wants automation and wants improvement of product. 
I found many times when providing any solution to our customers regarding the Magento website, customization support and Magento product. 
Cache and reindexing is played a crucial role. 
Many times, I come to notice that whenever we install any extension and any changes we run do Magento cache flush and reindexing. 
Can this part become automate???
I mean to say, whenever any changes are done by the customer, developer there is no need to do cache manually with commands and Magento backends. 
I am hoping to reply on this. 
kindly forward this to the right department.  
Raja Sarswat

Re: Adobe product- Magento Improvement Idea

Please follow the below to resolve this


If you want to run Cache and reindexing automatically this done by cron job,
You can set cron job as requirements.

Refresh Cache Using Cron :
For reindexing you have to set mode of indexing Update On Schedule :
For better understand about cron :

Let me know if any issues

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Thank you

Aims Infosoft

Re: Adobe product- Magento Improvement Idea