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Multiple Website and Store Views

Multiple Website and Store Views

Hi, I am looking to setup my Magento stores as follows:



Firstly, is this particular URL structure possible? If not, are you able to recommend an alternative?


The reason I am needing to structure the website in the above manner is to ensure that I am able to accept different types of currency as payment.


Secondly, will this website structure allow me to set different prices at website level?


Finally, I currently only have the Australia > Australia > English store view set up. Is it possible to create all other store views down the tree with the Australia > English setup as their starting point?


Re: Multiple Website and Store Views

Hi @james_raptis 

One of strongest point of Magento is its adaptable structure for international projects, and of course with different payment and shipping methods for each country.

Admin --> Stores --> Settings --> All stores

You have to set:

  • One for each country or/and currency
  • One for each Prices list


  • Inherited
  • Change only if you have different catalog for Store (country)


  • This is the level for the Language:]

Attached a table with some useful information about the level setups:


Re: Multiple Website and Store Views



1) The structure looks nice and it's possible to make it.

2) Yes, you can set different prices on each store, but this may involve of having seprate catalog. Overall, it's possible but there could be several approaches on that.

3) Yes, that should be possible.

Re: Multiple Website and Store Views

Hi there! As answers of URL structures, multi-regional site setting, and store views have been given, there is a suggestion for multi-regional subdomian setting.


Among your multiple stores for different country markets, it is better you could auto direct your visitors to correct shop URLs based on their locations. It helps preventing your visitors getting lost at different regional shops, and increases customer conversion rates. For example, you may use Geo Targetly. Its Geo Redirect tool can auto direct your visitors' locations by IP and auto direct them. You can easily set up redirecting rules and integrate within a few steps. No code is necessary by yourself. Magento is perfectly supported.


Hope it helps!