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Question about Japanese translation


Question about Japanese translation

I was told that I have to translate elements of our new online shopping website to be built by Magento 2. Elements include the words “Sales tax”, “Send emails”, “Are you already a member?” and so on. I wonder if I have to translate all the elements? It’s because I saw “Japanese Localization by Magento Community Enginerring” @ Magento Marketplace. I think we can use this one? I think there are some words I have to change, but I just thought we can make use of “Japanese Localization by Magento Community Enginerring” basically free of charge. is my understanding wrong?


Re: Question about Japanese translation

@htakamatsu50ec  That is correct. More over you can get free upgrades in future as well as come across any issue you'll be able to get some help from Magento Engg Team.

- Tarandeep
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