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Automatically apply price changes to all associated products

Automatically apply price changes to all associated products



I am currently setting up my first webshop with Magento (CE Is there a possibility to automatically change the price of all associated products if I change the price of the super product?

Example: I have got a shoe in 15 different sizes and 9 colors. If I want to change the general price of the shoe, I will change the price in the configurable product. Now the customer will have to pay the new price, although the price of the associated simple products is still the old one.

However, it is very confusing when I maintain the products in the backend, because I will see two different prices.

Or maybe there is an extension for this? Unfortunately I have not been able to find one. Simply changing the price of the simple products is not an option, since there are way too many.





Re: Automatically apply price changes to all associated products



Generally, in Magento the price of associated simple products is being ignored and at the front-end the price of parent configurable products is displayed.


If you want the price to change depending on combinations selected in drop-downs, you can set up price mark-ups in Associated products tab, section Super Product attributes configuration -


Here is also the article for the details -


If I have understood you correctly, you want to change the price of main configurable as well as associated products massively. Basically, if you do not sell your associated products individually (as usually done) you can change just the price of parent configurable and that will be enough.

If you sell associated simple products separately from configurable  need to update their prices massively and  set the same price for a few goods, you simply can go to Catalog -> Manager Products

There check the boxes for products to update, click Actions - Update Attributes- Submit



and in the line Price set new price for selected products, tick box to update and save changes.


Hope this helps.

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