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Bundle with various tax rated products

Bundle with various tax rated products

In UK we've some products that have "standard" VAT (sales tax) applied (20%) and others where the tax rate is 0%. Food is 0% for example and a table 20%.


If we create a bundle with dynamic pricing, the net and gross price ought to take this into account I think. So, if we have a bundle with 1 table at £50+VAT=£60 and 1 banana at £1 then the bundle total should be £61. M2 doesn't seem to handle this correctly and gets even more confused if we then try to apply a special price, say a 10% discount. The resultant price should be ((50 x 0.9) x 1.20) + (1 x 0.9). This doesn't seem to be that way that M2 wants to work and so if we create a bundle with multiple mixed products, the net and gross prices do not add up correctly - bad for the customer and bad for our tax records.


This seems to have been the case from 1.6 at least but now that we're on 2.4.3 I'd have hoped it would be working. Do you know if it is possible to get this going properly - or what we should be doing please?


Many thanks