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CLI with bitnami and XAMPP

CLI with bitnami and XAMPP

I'm having difficulty getting any magento commands to run in the CLI. 


Bitnami installed Magento under C:\xampp\apps\magento\. 

In XAMPP's Shell CLI or Admin Command Prompt in Windows, when I try to run any magento command

such as; 

magento --help

magento is always unrecognized as an internal or external command.

I've navigated to where it's installed by running

cd c:\xampp\apps\magento

then trying "magento --help" or "php magento--help", however that doesn't work either. As I would also then get "could not open input file: magento"


I've added C:\xampp\apps\magento and c:\xampp\php to paths in my Environment Variables as well.


I'm sure I'm just missing something basic here but today is day 1 with using Magento. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just need to get off the ground on using a CLI with Magento.


Re: CLI with bitnami and XAMPP

Where is the «magento» command line program located?

Re: CLI with bitnami and XAMPP

Thanks for the reply Dmitry, the CLI is located at C:\xampp\apps\magento\htdocs\bin however I still can't find a working command. 

In XAMPP > Shell, I enter 

cd c:\xampp\apps\magento\htdocs\bin

then try to run 

magento --list

or any other general command it still states 'magento' is not recognized as an internal or external command.

I've tried the code in your example but I still receive the same error.


Upon further research it looks like I need to locate the actual shell directory? 
In c:\xampp\apps\magento\
I find shell directories at;




Source: (

Re: CLI with bitnami and XAMPP

I got this to work remotely on our new hosted solution on SiteGround by running;

[~/public_html/bin]# /usr/local/php56/bin/php-cli magento deploy:mode:set developer

from the bin directory where the Magento CLI lives. 

Is there an equivalent to that additional /usr/local/php56/bin/php-cli for a local XAMPP environment?