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Question regarding catalog conditions

Question regarding catalog conditions

I've got a question regarding product conditions.


Please clarify the difference between 'contains' and 'is one of' for multiple selection:


sku contains value1, value2 


sku is one of value1, value2


What is the difference and how should it actually work?


Re: Question regarding catalog conditions

Hi @Golodov


is one of  works on the list item that means if you have set,  sku is one of value1, value2 then condition fulfills if the sku used is one either value1 or value2


>sku contains value1, value2  ,It works as following

suppose you are having a sku as 'newprodvalue1'  then it should satisfy the condition as it contains value1 in it.


NOTE: I have not tried this, if you still have confusion reply. I will check on my local system and update the answer.

Also if you are facing a bug see this Catalog Conditions - 'contains' works as "is"

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Re: Question regarding catalog conditions



sku contains value1, value2  -- if value1 is 'red' and value2  'blue' - the condition is met when a sku has both 'red' and 'blue' in the sku


sku is one of value1, value2 -- this means the 'sku' is either 'value1' or 'value2'


hope that helps

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