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Challenges fulfilling backorders

Challenges fulfilling backorders

I am posting this to learn how to access functionality that I imagine is available but I cannot find.


I have enabled back orders on my Magento 2.3.0 site. I just received the first order that included one item out of stock. Here are the challenges I am having:


1. On the order received I don't see any indication that one of the products is out of stock. When I attempt to ship the order I get an error message "Not all of your products are available in the requested quantity". This is quite useless because it doesn't say what product it is. Is there a way to have the list of products show the current product inventory quantity? Even better: highlight the products that are out of stock and automatically adjust the shipped quantity?


2. After shipping the products that were in stock I go back to the Orders list. The order that I just partially shipped still shows the same status "Processing". What is the normal process for fulfilling these orders when product is back in stock? I was hoping to be able to distinguish between orders that can be shipped now (have some or all products in stock) and orders that cannot be shipped now.


Are there steps or settings I am missing? Or is this the expected behavior?


Thank you


Re: Challenges fulfilling backorders

Hello @eurobeautiful,


The flow you have explained is correct for magento and also in the first point you have mentioned the customer ordered the out of stock product and unable to make it ship to the customer. by default in magento there is no option for customer to purchase the out of stock products.


In second point you explain about the partially shipped option on magento if you ship one product it shows as status processing means for every shipping process and it included partially shipping too. once the products shipped only the status of the shipment will be changed to completed state.


No worries it is working in proper manner.


Best regards

Re: Challenges fulfilling backorders

Hello Madhuresan


Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I don't understand what you are trying to say. Perhaps my explanation wasn't clear.


1. the first problem I am seeing is that when an order is placed that includes backordered products (products out of stock), and I try to ship the order, there is no indication that one or more products is out of order or in insufficient quantity. 


The ship screen offers the option to adjust the quantities of the various products that will be shipped. It would be useful if in the same screen I could see the current inventory quantity.


Because there is no information on the current quantity, when I try to ship the whole order I get an error message "Not all of your products are available in the requested quantity", but this is useless because it doesn't say what product nor its current available stock.


The only solution right now is for me to go one by one product and check the catalog to find out what is the product that is causing the error. This is a terrible process that is impossible to scale.


2. After I partially shipped an order, it remains with status Processing. However, there is no indication for me to know that this order cannot be shipped because all the products pending for shipment are out of stock.


The only solution is to re-open all current orders in Pending status, and then check the inventory quantity for each product. This is also a terrible process that doesn't work to scale.


My question is whether this is the normal functioning of Magento, or if there are configuration settings I may be missing that can improve this situation.


Thank you



Re: Challenges fulfilling backorders

DId you ever sort this out, having the same issue.  Unable to determine if/when backordered or partially shipped orders can be fulfilled and when viewing the order to ship, which items are available to ship.  Seems like a big gap in the workflow.