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Changing Base URL Issues, Multiple Store Set Up

Changing Base URL Issues, Multiple Store Set Up

I am fairly new to Magento set up. I am starting with a fresh install of 2.3.5 CE. I am currently just testing this on my localhost before moving this to a live server. I cannot get past setting up multiple stores. I have been following the instructions in the guide as well as trying to find numerous forums. 


  1. I set up new root categories.
  2. I added 2 stores under one website and each store has their own respective store view. 

Every time I get to the step to change base URL, I get kicked out and cannot log back into the admin. The localhost keeps redirecting to the base URL I just changed with an error that it cannot be found. Then I start over again. I have done this 10 times and feel like I'm going crazy. 


I am changing the "Scope:" to the store views I am trying to edit because the instructions say to leave the "Default" as last. I can't figure out where this is going wrong. 


I want my 2 stores (with separate URLs) to share a shopping cart. 



Re: Changing Base URL Issues, Multiple Store Set Up

I am facing same problem with my blog? how to fix it i tried more and more ways but cannot get right path? please help me thanks!

Re: Changing Base URL Issues, Multiple Store Set Up

What set up are you using?


Currently in my localhost I am using Apache 2.4, MySQL 5.7, and PHP 7.3.24. I am using MAMP Pro to set this up. This is another solution I have tried on this post in stack exchange here. Every single time I have tried to set up the base URL in my specific store, I get kicked out and have to start all over again. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.


Here is where I am changing the scope. I am clicking on the "Store View" and as soon as I save it kicks me out. I cannot log back into admin. The localhost URL automatically changes whenever I type it in as well.




Re: Changing Base URL Issues, Multiple Store Set Up

Hi @ambercaddy6371,


Kindly refer to this article to for more information about how to set up multiple stores in Magento 2. 


Hope this can help you! Let me know if you need further assistance.


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