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Comma Seperator On Euro Store

Comma Seperator On Euro Store

We are having a problem in the past 10 weeks with META correctly tracking revenue.  Our stats have gone crazy, and meta are suggesting we have revenue far greater than we actually have.


On investigation, we have found the root cause.


On the UK store we have a period seperator. i.e




On the EURO site it is 




So Meta actually reads this as €2499

I have investigated several sites in Germany, such as,, and


Some sites (eg Amazon) use period . as a seperator

Some sites use comma as a seperator


The problem is, Magento use , and Facebook use .  

Im very conscious that we could change this on the front end, which would probably solve the problem for META.  However, there are wider implications, which give me concerns about whiching from , to .

Has anyone else had this issue with META, and how have you handled it?