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Country Dropdown at checkout not working correctly

Country Dropdown at checkout not working correctly

Hello All,

Hopefully, someone can help resolve this, Our Magento 2 store is set up as UK by default.

We have Amasty OPC, the default country on the dropdown is set to the United Kingdom and displays the Cart Subtotal, Shipping, VAT and Order Total which is correct.


When using NordVPN to make my browser in the USA, and then selecting the United States it still displays the VAT, until I select a County. 


But if I select Chile as a country without having to select the County the VAT element is removed?

Ideally I would like the VAT removed for all Countries when the VAT isn't required by just selecting Country without having to select a County as well.

I've had a look at the Tax Rules & tax Zones and Rates, there doesn't appear to be any anomalies and Chile and United States have the same Tax value of 00.00


has anybody had this issue before and any idea how to fix it?




Re: Country Dropdown at checkout not working correctly

I think it's because you probably have Chile unselected as country that has state required so it recalculates tax as soon as country is selected. If you go to Stores > Configuration > General > General > State Options > State is required for and deslecet USA, does this resolve your issue?

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