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Coupon Code Configuration Question

Coupon Code Configuration Question

Can anybody help me to know how to setup of a coupon code with the following logic?


Save 5% off any order $500 or more.

Save 10% off any order $1000 or more.


I want to use one code that will apply this logic above.


Re: Coupon Code Configuration Question



Go to Promotions -> Shopping cart price rules and add new rule


Set the following:


If ALL if these conditions are TRUE

Click +

Select from drop-down - 'Subtotal'


Change 'is' to 'equals or greater than'

instead of dots put 500 or 1000



Apply: Percent of products price discount
Discount amount: 5 (or 10 for second)


Here is the article where this case is explained and there is also 6 more price rules that are most often used -


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Re: Coupon Code Configuration Question

Yes, I know how to add a promotion for 5% off order $500 or 10% off $1000 separately.


I can also do this if promotion is automatically applied.


But, if i have to add these as two different promotions using the same coupon code, it seems like it's not possible?