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Data missing from advanced reporting

Data missing from advanced reporting



We recently enabled Advanced reporting on our Magento 2.3.6-p1 store.


Most of the data is OK but the products tab in particular has lots of missing data.


  • Best Selling Products by Quantity - No data available
  • Quantity of Products Sold - No data available
  • Best Selling Products by Revenue - No data available
  • Products Added to Wishlists - Data exists but is incredibly inaccurate compared to our database. Some products with 150+ quantities yet the database sh

Has anyone else experienced these problems? For reference we have on average 100+ orders a day so I would expect data to exist.


Re: Data missing from advanced reporting

Hi, I'm wondering if you ever figured out this issue?


I have customer with virtually the same issue Mage 2.3.6 
albeit we have no product data at all.


I have run through several checklists and the extract file is being created
and picked up etc. Just no product data being displayed


Thanks in advance

Re: Data missing from advanced reporting

Hi @xsingyichuan 


Unfortunately we were not able to resolve the data issues with Advanced reporting.


Our data ended up getting worse as time went on until we reached a point where it was no use to our client whatsoever and we ended up removing it from our site.


Whilst the data got worse over time we did find:

1. That using the individual store views provided better data than the default view.

2. That looking at data over months was more reliable than the days/weeks reports.


If I had to guess I imagine it was because of the theme/3rd party checkout we were using. For reference we use a theme called Codazon and a One Step Checkout by Mageplaza. If you have similar than it might point that they're the issue!


Sorry I couldn't provide a real answer!