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Delete Custom option uploaded files

Delete Custom option uploaded files

Hi everybody and Happy new year !


I have a question about files the customer can upload in the the custom product options.


In the BO, we can find them only in the orders and bounds. So we can directly upload them to our computers by clicking on the link. But how can we delete them from the BO ?


I have found the location of the files in pub/media/custom_options/quote


Can I delete theme here without any risks ? Is it the only solution ?


The problem is that I am looking for an easy way for the user to upload them and delete them after. Do you know a way to upload the files in a cloud or something like that to manage all these files ?


Thanks for your help,


best regards


Re: Delete Custom option uploaded files

I have spent 2 weeks trying to find an answer to the file location and how to clean out customer uploaded files. I would be very interested in this answer.