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Dev site problems with admin.

Dev site problems with admin.

I have made a copy of my live site M2.4.2 to a dev site subdomain on the same server.


I copied all the files,

created a new database & imported a dump from the original

Changed core_config_data to the new subdomain

Changed app/etc/env.php to new database details & also downloadable domains to new dev site.

Deleted var cache, page cache & logs

run: php bin/magento cache:flush & clean


Website appears to be ok but when I log into admin only Dashboard & Find Partners & Extensions links work on the left menu.  Also if I click onto the username used to log in in order to log out instead of giving me a sub menu it goes to the account information page.


Someone suggested deleting the var folder all together & running:

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

but that didn't work either.


Re: Dev site problems with admin.

Hello @anim8design 


It seems to be the Magento and database connection are not proper. please run all the commands like the setup: upgrade, deploy indexer and clean the cache file. after that check the admin issues.


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