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FedEx Insurance Charges How to disable

FedEx Insurance Charges How to disable


Using Magento 2.4 , we will be using FedEx only for our shipping. However, there seems to be big difference between price displayed on Magento and what we get using Fedex shipping manager . After conversation with Fedex support. the extra fee applied to the rate is Insurance Charges. yet there are no configuration within Magento to disable this . for test. I added product 4,765 $ at 15 KG . Magento backend shows shipping cost of 236$ but correct rate would be 36$ . 200$ insurance charges has been applied. How can I rectify this issue ? 



Re: FedEx Insurance Charges How to disable

solved it. not a good way . but later I can find someone to turn this into module . in 

vendor/magento/module-fedex/Model/carrier.php change code to look like this . 


'TotalInsuredValue' => ['Amount' => '0.00', 'Currency' => $this->getCurrencyCode()],

$ratesRequest['RequestedShipment']['RequestedPackageLineItems'][0]['InsuredValue'] = [

   'Amount' => '0.00',

   'Currency' => $this->getCurrencyCode(),


No insurance added to the return shipping rate list .


Re: FedEx Insurance Charges How to disable

Sending tons of love to tonysar, big thanks for solving this one bro, because I always get confused with all the code configuration details. I understand that the thread is dead for almost a year but I’m really thankful. And you can't just ignore insurance charges, they pile up in a matter of months. It was a big problem for me for a while as I’m not the most attentive and meticulous person in the world. I even had to use some special services like Financial Planning For Doctors to start moving in the right direction with a clear financial strategy. Of course, this financial planning includes all the possible insurance charges, as well. Thanks god I don’t need to worry about this anymore.