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Fedex Shipping Label Configuration

Fedex Shipping Label Configuration


On our store we use FedEx as only shipping carrier. I have 2 issue. On shipping Label Store's Owner name shows up as a shipper . this is not set any where in magento backend. Contacted FedEx and they said this is not from their end and must be in magento setting . I have search the DATABASE for the name that appear on the label but that name dose not exist in the database. dose anyone know where this information could possibly be located. ? 

Issue 2: store owner like to print the shipping label on FedEx provided shipping label rather A4 paper. however, due to the shipping label size , content prints off the label. is there any way i can adjust shipping label output ( pdf ) so it would print on the label rather Paper ?



Re: Fedex Shipping Label Configuration

Hello @tonysargma79f8 


Contact FedEx Web Integration Services to learn about the label printing requirements for your account.

Fedex Support 


Kindly refer below Magento doc :


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Re: Fedex Shipping Label Configuration


thanks for reply and sorry for delay .. i still have issue with the name appearing on shipping label . i spoke to fedex and they told me is Name is coming from Magento maybe xml file . but i can not locate this name anywhere on backend nor the database. dose anyone with FedEx experience know where shipper name is setup?

Re: Fedex Shipping Label Configuration

I think I found the reason ..

Magento adds the name of logged user that processes the shipping . I have not confirmed that , as I didn't have order in past day or two. so user that process the order , I remove his name and last name and replaces it with Shipping Department. I hope this would show on the label.