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Google Analytics - Measurement ID

Google Analytics - Measurement ID



In the past, we were adding the Tracking ID of the Google analytics in Stores->Configuration->Sales-> Goolge API

However, in a new project, There is no longer Tracking ID, but Measurement ID.
My question is how to implement this id in Magento 2.3.5 ? 
Should we add the ID in Google API as tracking ID or we should do anything else ?


Re: Google Analytics - Measurement ID

If I'm following your question, the new measurement ID should be the same, however the new Google Analytics, while better, doesn't yet see the eCommerce sale individually from Magento. As a result, we've fallen back to the previous Analytics version since it's the only way we can actually see the whole sales cycle reflected in Analytics. 


This is unfortunate since there's so much more available in the new Analytics and we'd like to use it, but until the structure of Magento is rewritten for this, even 2.4 currently dooesn't handle it.


WeltPixel has a new Analytics GA4 module, which probably does handle this new structure, but I haven't tried this yet.....


Not sure if that helps.....

Thank you,

Re: Google Analytics - Measurement ID

Hi @achahinewiffa8,


Please follow these steps in order to add Google Analytics code to Magento 2: 


Step 1: Create account and set up in Google Analytics 

Kindly refer to this link to sign up an account on Google Analytics. 


Step 2: Complete the Magento configuration

1. Log in to the Admin on your Magento store. 

2. On the Admin sidebar, go to Stores -> Settings -> Configuration.

3. On your left panel, expand Sales and choose Google API.

4. Expand Expansion selector the Google Analytics section and do the following:

- Set Enable to Yes

- Enter your Google Analytics Account Number. 

- If you want to conduct A/B Testing and other performance tests on your content, set Content Experiment to Yes

5. When you're done, click Save config


*Note: If you enable the Cookie Restriction Mode, Google Analytics will not collect data about visitors unless they have accepted cookies. 

or you can refer to this article for more information. 


Hope this can help you! Let me know if you need further assitance.


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